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Sam messaged me on social media saying he needed help.

When his university shut down due to the pandemic, he had little choice but to return to his strict, religious home. He was at the point of considering suicide to be a better option. He had just started taking testosterone to transition to his real gender—something entirely unsafe to do while living with his parents.

Sam did not feel safe using his parent’s insurance card for his counseling sessions with me. Knowing how Sam was in desperate need for mental health care, I agreed to meet with him free of charge. For weeks, Sam would literally hide in his closet and use his phone for our telehealth sessions. I got to meet Sam in person right before he went back to school, having been a lifeline for him while he was forced back into the closet for his safety.

Unfortunately, Sam is not an isolated case. Each year, Journey clinicians provide hundreds of sessions for free because a client is uninsured, has outrageous deductibles or copays, doesn’t feel safe using their insurance, or the best clinician for their needs cannot accept their insurance.

Your donation* to Journey will assist us with providing culturally competent, trauma-informed mental health care to people like Sam.

  • $60 – one-hour individual session**
  • $40 – one-hour group session for one person
  • $25 – one-hour Youth Advocate services to an LGBTQ+ youth in need

*Please note that your donation is not tax deductible at this time.
** Our sessions are charged on a sliding scale based on a client’s household size and income. Please contact us for more information regarding this scale.

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