Journey to a Trauma Informed Life

Training / Speaking

Journey professionals are available to provide training to your agency and speak at your engagements regarding up-to-date trauma-informed and LGBTQ+ competent services. Here are some of the most recent training sessions and speaking engagements Journey professionals have provided.


  • National Child Abuse Awareness Month Expert Panel Discussion for Concerned Parents: 4/10/21 & 4/20/21.
  • Trauma Focused Treatment Overview “Dive ‘n’ Thrive”: 3/16/21
  • Concerns for LGBTQ+ older adults in Rural Communities: 4/14/21
  • Journey through Trauma in the LGBTQ+ Community: 3/25/21
  • Rural LGBTQ+ Community Needs Expert Panel Discussion: 2/24/21


  • Journey through Trauma in the LGBTQ+ Community: 10/20
  • Trauma-Informed Treatment of LGBTQ+ Youth: 9/20
  • Coping with COVID19: 4/20 & 6/20
  • LGBT/Gender Expansive Youth Competency: 2/20

Training/Speaking Costs:

General Training and Speaking fees are $200/hour. Journey to a Trauma Informed Life has partnerships and contracts with a network of providers who are able to offset some costs. Please inquire about reduced rates and cost negotiations when completing the contact form here.

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